Thursday, April 9, 2015

Scrappy Trips Lay Out

This project kind of got neglected in recent weeks. I was working on it full steam ahead and once the blocks were finished and stacked the stack got moved from place to place in the studio. I kept wanting to lay them out but never got around to it. Well I decided that if I could just lay them out I would then be able to work on it again as time allowed.

This project was all about color and purging...........ok how do those two things go together? Well I need a quilt for the bed in the new RV. I really like this pattern because it is more about color than the fabrics used in it and I love green and purple. I also wanted to use up as much fabric as I could that I am not fond of. Now don't get me wrong there are many fabrics in there that I do indeed love. I began by pulling everything out that was purple and green that I was not fond of and started cutting my strips. Then when I ran out of those I added in other fabrics that I am more fond of. In the end I used a ton of fabric which includes lots of stuff I don't have to look at again and wonder what to do with.

Hopefully now that this is in a pleasing layout I will have my flimsey sewn together in a week or two. I could play with it forever and not get it perfect............and that is not what this quilt is about anyway.


Suze said... how its turning out. The pops of light seem to make it least in the picture!

Sewing Up A Storm said...

I like it too and am excited that now I can sit and start sewing it together. Wonder what took me so long to do my layout.

MQuilter said...

I like the scrappy top color combination- very pretty!