Monday, January 18, 2016

For Mary Jane

 A Group of us on a quilting forum were making large 16 inch blocks for our online friend Mary Jane who was suffering from serious migraines. Mary Jane was very active in the online quilting community always doing things for others. She made quilts for many others. In any case the illness was getting worse and then she found she had stage 4 cancer. The blocks that had arrived at her house were sent to Pat's house so she could sew them together and Hilda was going to finish the quilting. Well things did not go as planned. Hilda lost her husband suddenly and I volunteered to quilt the quilt. Pat put together a beautiful two sided quilt. It has good wishes, Bible verses, prayers and signatures and names on it. I rushed to finish the quilting. I got my coworker to quickly photograph it for me as I was going to get it back to Pat that afternoon so she could bind it and send it off to Mary Jane. That night Mary Jane passed away. She will be greatly missed by many people and I hope that her family will receive comfort from this beautiful quilt made by many people on the forum.

On a lighter note...........I have been very busy the past few months. I am slowly in the process of moving to Texas and if that is not enough have gone back to work as well. It is all good but I really need to get back to posing quilts. I have several things I have made over the Summer and Fall that I will share in later posts.