Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Focus - Round 2

I have been sucked into the Focus quilt project and spent all morning working on the second round. I made my paper templates last night so that was even more time spent. I love Flying geese so that is what needed to go next as Round 2 needs to be triangles. I used more greens and introduced blues. Then I decided that there needed to be some rebels so I put a couple of bright purples and one subtle purple in the mix. I found a very subtle plaid that had a navy background and subtle greenish blue for the background of the geeseless (that is now a word). The background of the geese is the same blue I used in the center around the word. I am really enjoying this piece so now need to figure out Round 3.

I laid out the geese where I liked them and organized them in piles for each of the templates. Two templates have five geese and the other two have seven. I cut the blues over sized but not over sized enough. I need to remember that it is better to waste a little fabric than to have to spend time with Jack The Ripper because the fabric does not cover the area it needs to. I have to say that for me paper piecing geese is the most accurate method, especially when they are 2 inches wide as these are. Perfect geese! That makes it worth the effort.
I spent some time figuring out how to do the layout with the geese.

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