Saturday, October 29, 2016

Better photos of Stars in Fossil Fern on Kona Black

 Trying to get a good photo of this quilt before I sent if off was close to impossible. Unfortunately the pursuit of a good  decent photo delayed sending this back. It was early morning and the sun was coming up. I found the one spot where there was enough light thru the trees. I had to drag two chairs outside because the quilt is big and needed to be held higher than people can reach. Then I had to beg my husband and daughter to stand on the chairs...........they finally oblidged. I got a few decent shots and that was that we had to rush off to town and the quilt is now in the mail so this is the best photo I will have of it. I have to say I love the front of the quilt but I am over the moon with the back. I have some friends  quilting folks I know who would say that anyone that makes pebbles is insane, OCD and a few other not so nice descriptive words....................but it is really those pebbles that I love!!!! Hey its my life and I can spend my hours of it any way I choose so don't judge!!!!

I am glad that this one is now off the plate and on the way home.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Fossel Fern Stars on Kona Black for Shirly

Photographing this was a challenge because it is hard to capture black thread on a black quilt. In any case this quilt took over 28 hours on the longarm. I really enjoyed trying to figure out a design for this that would really make the piecing look awesome and hope that I have done that. I almost like the back better than the front as it is truly a wholecloth quilt. Lots of ruler work and lots and lots to pebbles and peacock meander.

Sunday, October 9, 2016


 This quilt was quite the challenge! I decided to just do stitch in the ditch over the entire quilt and outlined all the shapes with black thread. Next I began in the middle with a large circle in which I did McTavishing. Ok so far so good, I added some large points to the circle and did pebbles inside of them. Then I did a background fill in the rest of the black and a feather border around the outside. Ok no on to the stars.............humm, maybe a circle with feathers coming from it...........and make the lines form a swirl design..............yep I really like the way the stars look kinds like they are spinning! Twenty eight hours of quilting and I thought I would never finish this quilt but finally got it finished today.

The light was not great today so will try to take a photo of the the whole quilt tomorrow.

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Kathi's Quilt

This is Kathi's awesome quilt! It has so much movement amazing colors. It has been most of my time outside my day job for the past couple of weeks but is finally done and ready to send home. There are lots of photos. The background is a dense fill with lots of different elements that adds lots of movement and interest. The background is quilted with black Omni and the rest of the quilt is monopoly by Superior threads. I wanted the beautiful piecing to take center stage and the quilting to be a nice compliment to that. Two layers of batting to give lots of loft so that the quilting will really pop.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

No You Are Not Seeing Double

 These are two twin quilts for my friend Daisy. I just love the way the bargello is broken up with the strips of background fabric. I decided on a really nice fill for the background secions and just some diagonal lines across the bargello................and let me say that making perfect long diagonal lines on a longarm machine is not least for me. The fill is lovely and I will use it again as it was something new for me to try. There are lots of close ups: