Thursday, April 28, 2016

A Little Time For Fun

 I have been back from my cruise for over a week now so I figured I better put this on my blog before it is really old news. We went aboard the beautiful Carnival Triumph out of New Orleans for 8 nights. It was an amazing trip with four ports of call: Cozumel where we went scuba diving on the reef and shopping in town, Costa Maya more shopping and hanging out on the beach, Isla Rotan where we went zip lining and snorkeling, Belize with more snorkeling, hanging out on the beach and more shopping. Fun, Fun, Fun!!! Yes I did go down the slide but the water was a bit chilly so I only did it once. The above photo was taken at sunrise so there were not many people out and about..........the best time to explore the upper decks.

 Beautiful Cozumel! Photo above and below. Right out there in the water is where we did our scuba diving. They took us out on a boat. We went down the shore a bit and got in the water and came out on this beach. I had forgotten how wonderful scuba diving get to look at all the cool fish, coral and other things and not have to come up for air.

 Costa Maya (photo above and below) had a very rocky beach and there is a nice reef out beyond where the waves break but the day we were there the water was very rough so we stayed on the beach, drank beer, ate the local food and did some shopping.

 Isla Rotan off the coast of Honduras (photo above and below). I had no idea just how much fun zip lining was. There were 17 lines in all and it took us about an hour to go from the first one at the top to the bottom. Just imagine zipping thru the trees, way up and dangling from just a wire........not for those with fear of heights.

Half Moon Bay on Isla Rotan. This is a great place to just sit on the shore, go snorkeling and eat the local food. I love the coconut shrimp and the conch fritters are not bad either.

Every night on the ship the stewards turn down your sheets and leave a towel animal to greet you when you return to your cabin after evening activities. I think the rabbit was my favorite........just too cute!