Friday, February 23, 2007

Sweapped Logs

If you refer back the last photo you will notice that there are really only 4 different kinds of blocks. Well now I have swapped all those blocks for all of these. The layout is exactly the same but this group sure has more punch becasuse of the great variety of fabrics used. I just started another round of swapping for another batch of these blocks which will make this quilt even bigger. I figure the finished quilt should be 4 times the size here. Each of these blocks is only 6".

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

The Scrap Bin

35 Log Cabin Blocks
I find that every so often my scrap bin becomes so full it is time for some scrap control. I am doing a swap for 6" log cabin blocks and here are the 35 I have made. I am using the same swirl I did on the bright logs which are the very same block just a different colorway. This is a good start to my next log cabin quilt and the good news is that when I am done making blocks I will likely be able to close the lid on that scrap bin again!