Thursday, June 30, 2016

On The Design Wall

I have been working on a second blue and orange mountain majesty quilt to replace the one I donated the Wanagi Wolf Rescue last year. I have the blocks all pieced and up on the design wall. Now I need to move them around and figure out the final setting. 

The Sheep quilt is off the machine and the binding and hanging sleeve are ready to be sewn on. The final reveal will be soon.

Monday, June 13, 2016

How Far Would You Go?

 I had a great idea to make a little wall quilt for my office and had a photo on Pinterest I really loved. I got a good start in the first photo.This is the way the blocks were laid out in the inspiration photo.

I just began sewing and somewhere along the way the blocks got laid out differently. Yes they are nice and look good but after posting my photo yesterday I went back to the inspiration photo and............oh no!!!!! The blocks are not the same and although they are nice it is not what I intended. I did not really want to make two quilts so I got out the seam ripper "Jack" and spent the evening taking off the 6 blocks on each side. This morning before work I began resewing and finished up this evening. I finally got it finished and below is the look I wanted. Lesson learned............always keep the inspiration photo close to make sure it is correct.

So what is your limit of what you would fix?

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Southwest Quilt Is A Finished Top

I got to spend some time sewing this weekend and decided I just wanted to get this new wall hanging into a finished top. Points like this are pretty darned fussy to get right so I had to take my time and occasionally had to unpick a few places and resew to get the points nice and crisp. I am pleased at how this looks and hope to be able to do the quilting soon so I can enjoy this over my desk at work.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

I Like It Much Better Now

Remember this from last post. It is my new project. I cut the squares at 9 inches but when I designed the quilt motif (yes I actually think about the quilt design from the get go on many projects) I need it to be divisible by 1/4" so the blocks got a trim after they were sewn into half square triangles. I cut them to 8 inches and subcut them and voila!!!!!

Here are the same 24 blocks subcut and resewn and put back on the design wall. It makes sense that it shrunk more lengthwise than crosswise because of all those seams. I an really liking this and it went together really fast. I am gonna guess 4 hours tops to get it to this stage. Now I need to sew into a top. I bet the quilting will take longer than the piecing..........remember I mentioned I already have a quilting motif designed just for this.

Monday, June 6, 2016

Juggling Projects

I made really good progress on the applique of my nesting robin and now it is stalled again. I need to prep the little circles. Hopefully I will get them done soon so I can move onto the next border.

The sheep quilt is ready to quilt. The backing and batting are already on the longarm. I just need to get the top tacked on and start the quilting. Once I get going it should go fairly quickly.

And..............last, I really need to start a new project.........NOT!!! But I have been looking at the quilt above my desk at work for some time and although I love it I need a change. I have seen this on pinterest pinned a lot. So here is the first work in progress photo of this new work in progress. I cut the squares yesterday and marked the lines down the center on the diagonal and sewed them on both sides of the lines, cut apart and pressed. I had to just lay it out for color placement to see how I like it. Not bad. Now the next step will be some more cutting these apart and sewing back together...........stay tuned for the transformation.

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Sandy's Bargello

We had lots of fun at the Valley Of The Sun Retreat last February. Many of us took a class by Ellen to make a bargello quilt. There was so much variety of colors that they were all unique. This is on that Sandy G. made for her grandson. She wanted quilting for a guy so that took care of the feather plan that I had. The design has a curve which was also a challenge with the design I executed. In the end I really had fun watching this come to be from the sketch I sent her for approval.

I just broke up the design into parts with parallel lines and alternated two quilting designs in those areas.

IN the border I made some diamonds and used the same two designs in them. The was pretty fun to quilt and was out of the box so I got to try something new.