Tuesday, April 14, 2015

You Can't Get There From Here

 I have been working on this Improv quilt for two days now. It took a left turn and a quick right and it was all I could do to keep up with it. Here is the top ready to be quilted. So how the heck did I get here. Well down a few tight curves, around the bend over the river and.............well you get the idea.

 It all began with this stack of fabrics cut into 15 inch squares. I knew exactly where I was heading with this.

 Here I am with my improv circles.................I just did not love them.............ok I did not like them. The color palate just did not work any more and the circles were to square. Alrighty then what to do.

 How would the blocks look if you only saw half of each one. Humm..........better.............but that golden tan just was not playing well with the rest of the group so with the help of the rotary cutter, and the seam ripper all of the fabric was left by the wayside.
 This is where I left off yesterday after inserting more fabrics into the pieces, adding some more curves. I am starting to like it better.
 Today I decided after looking at my final photo from yesterday I would just lay things out fresh and new and here is where I started.

More cutting and adding and splicing and playing and I ended up here. Ok now I think this is something that I could enjoy looking at. Now all that is left to do is sew those long rows together and you can see that by going back to the top of the post. I think the right side will end up being the top of the quilt. I will most likely do some sort of a simple grid quilting on it and then trim it so that whatever is the top will be flat and allow the sides to curve however they want and and bind it in red or back. I hope to load this on the longarm tomorrow and quilt it.

Now had I tried to think of this quilt from the pile of fabrics I never would have been able to get here from there!

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