Sunday, April 12, 2015

Feather Me Please!

 This is Sandy's beautiful Women of The Bible quilt. I really love the traditional  blocks in this quilt and how they are combined in a beautiful setting with the dark brown sashing to really have them stand out. I figured out just the thing for this beauty and that was an allover medium feather meander. I really love feathers so this was a joy to quilt and I really got into the rhythm and didn't want it to end.

An allover feather meander is not really that hard if you like to do feathers. Just think of a giant stipple pattern (you can adjust the size from very small to really large depending on how big you want your feathers). There really is no right or wrong just make a giant curving line that is about the same distance from the other parts of the line or the lines next to it...........with some variation for interest.
 Start on one side of the line and just do feathers all the way across to the other end.
 Come back to the start and feather the other side of the line and this what you end up with! It really looks great on so many different quilts.
 Spring has finally arrived. These are the first crop of wildflowers in my yard. They are really tiny, maybe about 1/2 inch across and very low to the ground. I think they are called bladderpod.


Suze said...

Loving your feather meander. I need to practice more..yours just look sooo good!

Marlene said...

I have to admit I have never been a big fan of feathers( I know horror,horror) but I love this. Your quilting is great and I love how the feathers nestle together and how you have added the swirl in there. You have lifted this quilt to another level. I may have to try this meandering feather and see if I get hooked.

What Comes Next? said...

beautiful feathers - I am a fan of feathers...