Saturday, April 25, 2015

Focus - Round 5

 Round 5 for the Nesting Robin says "If it has a name, it's fair game". My named blocks are pinwheels. I made 6 of them in a 4 inch size. I have not sewn them together because I want to keep my options open for placement. I also added the cone flower to the landscape.

 The making of the cone flower started with auditioning of fabrics. I wanted to to stand out from the rest of the block so I used more red/purple to contrast to the blue/purple mountains in the background.  Then I assigned each flower part a number and traced these on the mat side of freezer paper. I pressed these to the right side of the fabric and used a white clover pencil to mark around the outside of the freezer paper and then cut out each part.

I also made a freezer paper template of the complete flower to use for placement. I pressed this to the fabric where I wanted the flower and marked around the outside with the white clover pencil. You can see all the flower parts ready to go.
I pulled all the freezer paper off and carefully pinned each part where it needed to go. I then began with the petals and used the same technique I did with the bird which was to pin the adjoining part out of the way so I could applique around the shape.

When I got to the top of the flower I decided that since there were so many seams underneath that I would stuff it so it would look nice after the piece is quilted. I appliqued the around both sides and the top and then stuffed some poly fibers inside and appliqued the bottom. I am really happy with how that turned out. I did not take a close up of the finished flower but will once I do a final photoshoot of the finished quilt.


Suze said...

your piece is coming along so the stuffed coneflower center...

Sewing Up A Storm said...

When I put the fabric in place I realized that there was a lot going on underneath and knew that after quilting that was going to make for a lumpy mess.......I had this ah ha moment and realized that if I stuffed that part it would take care of the problem.