Tuesday, April 21, 2015


 I have been seeing lots of quilts with words on them. I have also been seeing some blogs where people choose a word for the year. I know it is April but I decided that I needed a word for 2015 as I am really working on organization this year and focus seems to be a great word as I am so easily distracted. The goal is to hang this as a small wall hanging for my reminder to remain focused on the goals at hand and stick to my to do lists..............making this quilt was a real distraction from other things I had planned to do so I know that I really need to work on focus. I am also hostessing a Nesting Robin on a about.com quilting forum and have not added even the first round which was put out last November..............the compass block that I was going to use was just not the right center and will be saved for another project. The goal for the Nesting Robin is to use an orphan block and to use only stash fabrics if possible. Ok this is not an orphan block but I made it from the backing of the Merlot quilt from the previous post.........yep that navy blue is leftovers form the sheet I used for a backing. The remainder of the fabrics used so far are from the scraps from the Scrappy Trips Around the World I am working on. My goal for this little word project is not just to use stash fabric, but to use fabric from the scrap bin as much as possible.

 I trimmed the center to an even 8 1/2 by 20 1/2 so that it will be easy math to add new borders and make them work. The finished center is 8x20 easily divided by 2 and 4.

Here is border number 1. The clue for this one was to use squares and rectangles. This border will finish at 1 inch wide. Now to figure out border number 2. but that is for another day............I am off to put the 5th row of the scrappy trips quilt together and add it to the 4 completed rows. There will be 8 rows total so I am past the halfway point when this 5th one goes on.


Suze said...

I like it! Focus...that's a good word. I need a bit more focus myself... and the first border is very colorful. Way to go...

Sewing Up A Storm said...

I find that if can read something I think about it. Focus seems to be a fitting word for me so that I will remember to keep going till the goal is acheived.