Monday, May 5, 2008

Row Robin Round One

I am doing a Row Robin with a group of friends that I met on a quilting form. We go to a quilters retreat every February and this year decided to begin a row robin. Each of us has a theme and as the projects go around rows are added by each member.
The above row With the rabbit,turtle, and lizard belongs to my friend Hilda. Her theme is Nimbres art meets Gees Bend. Well I could not figure out the Gees Bend part so finally opted for more Southwest Indian art. My addition is the bottom row that is a simple border. Well it only looks simple. As you can see from the closeup there are many tiny pieces to create that simple design. The secret to doing it was first to work from a grid drawing and begin with strips sewn together. The strips are then cut across and sewn together with new neighbors.
I already have round two here but that is gonna wait for inspiration and a slot of time to work on it. I still have plenty of time. Well I thought the same with row one but it is now quite late getting to the next person.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

I Did The Balloon Raffle Quilt For 2008

This is one that was hanging over my head for months. After several delays it finally arrived in my studio just as I was was off on vacation. Of course since it was already late getting done they wanted it yesterday. Well I got back from vacation and spent 4 days doning now much else but working on it. This is the final result. I actually finished it a few weeks ago but am just now shareing the photos of it. I hear that it is now finished, photographed by a professional photographer and post cards and pins have been ordered. My guild sells raffle tickets for a balloon quilt every year and it usually does really well. Hopefully this one will generate lots of ticket sales.

I have been quilting like a fiend since. Last week I quilted 4 quilts and delivered 3 of them. This week I picked up 4 more to do so I am status quo. I need to get on the ball this comming week and finish the landscape quilt and get that out the door so I can get back to the Business of quilting.

If there were only more hours in a day for me to get all the things done that need doing. I was really late in a Round Robin I am part of getting the first round out the door. I think it was two weeks late. Yesterday I spent a good part of the day working on that. We are doing rows for each other and the row that I needed to add has a Mimbres Indian theme. I finally figured out what I was doing and just did it. Since it was complicated I had been procrastinating which of course did not help in the least. It did require a fair amount of time but now it is done. I will photograph that tommorow and send it along to the next person. I already have the second round here and it is due in two week.................oh yes this seems like plenty of time, but I need to get that going very soon or I will be in the same boat again that I found myself in this round.