Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Don't Get Rid of That Horrible Fabric Just Yet

If I told you that my little baskets were made from fabric that would send any quilter running from the room screaming would you belive me? Yep in fact they are. About a year ago a friend was cleaning out her stash and decided to get rid of fabric she did not want. It was a pretty big box too. Well since I am on a fabric diet and no longer buying much fabric I took it off her hands....................hey it was free. There was indeed some pretty nice stuff in there but................there was some fabirc in there that was not. Can you say circa 1980 and very stiff, or extremely gause thin. Well I was at the library and they had a book on the new book shelf that caught my eye "Its A Wrap" so I grabbed it and checked it out. Yes you can make a fabric basket by cutting the fabric in strips, wrapping around a cotton clothesline and sewing on your machine with a zigzag stitch. Boy are they fun to make as well. I think that the rest of her "ugly"fabric is going to end up being wrapped into more baskets! I already have plans for some fancier ones now that I have the idea!