Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Over The Limit I

I have been slowly working on the finishing touches of this improv project. This one was actually the first in the series of Over The Limit. I liked the colorway of the second one so much that I finished it first. This one is bigger and measures at 40 X 40. I also like the quilting on this one much better. I knew when I put this one on the longarm that it required more than echos of the piecing like I had done with the orange and blue version. I began with what I knew in the upper right corner and that was to echo the fabric design. Then I moved to the middle right block (the light green one) and did my spiky swirls. I liked how things were going but I had run out of things to quilt and headed to the internet for multiple searches for ideas. I found lots of great art quilts and started doing a bit of doodling. I then changed the designs up a bit and made them my own. In the end I came up with a few things that I made up entirely.
Close up of some of the quilting designs that came up with.
 I think the swirls with the lines of wonkey parallel quilting in the two purple areas are my favorite designs, followed by the bubbles and the flowing parallel lines in the darker turquoise area.
 This quilt really spoke to me during the design process and I did do some sessions with Jack The Ripper but not too much.


Shelley: the Dread Pirate Rodgers said...

Ami, your filler quilting is absolutely *spectacular*!

Feathers in my Nest said...

Love your Baptist Fans!!! so darn cute! ALL of your quilting is just fabulous Ami..what a beautiful creative mind..I hope you make a TON of money with your business..