Sunday, June 15, 2014

TA DA!!!!!

 Final pass of quilting, made it to the border on the bottom..........almost there.
I am very excited! I got my longarm going again. I had a quilt loaded on there and unfinished for over 4 years. I had decided to work outside the house and got a job..........well they worked me into the ground and the new boss who is crazy was the final straw. My last day will be this Wednesday.

I am going to start up my quilting service again and maybe do a few other things till that takes off. I finished up the little project I had loaded last weekend. Ok it was a practice piece. It was junk fabric top and bottom and I was practicing an allover feather meander and we going to use the finished piece as a dog bed. It was left on the machine half done. Now this is really  a good thing as once I got the machine fired up last weekend I had to finish the quilting so I got to practice my allover feather meander again. It came out ok for not having done any freehand quilting in so long.

This morning I unloaded that little practice piece and loaded the Scrappy Trip Around The World I had started a few weeks ago. I was just happy to get it loaded. Then I decided to do some quilting. I took quite a few breaks during the day. I did my allover swirl which is a freehand design that was the most requested allover design for my quilting business. For the very first time in over 4 years it was not bad. I will be doing another quilt with this design as soon as I can get that back pieced. I am hoping for next weekend.

My next piece on the Longarm is going to be one of my Improv pieces. I have decided on the blue and orange one I am calling Energy. The quilting will be really simple so it should go really fast.

Now to trim up my finished quilt, decide on a binding and get that put on. Almost there!

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Feathers in my Nest said...

Gorgeous quilting! Love the swirl/wave pattern...perfect with the squares...waiting to see the "Energy" quilting too..