Sunday, June 22, 2014

Energy Sneak Peek

I am always amazed at the transformation a top undergoes once it is quilted. I really love this little improv quilt I call "Energy". It was made for a challenge using only pieces that were two inches wide by two, four, six and eight inches long. Those were the rules. I went non traditional and modern. This was the first thing I had pieced in about four years and it was very fun to make. I love the deep blues against the bright rich oranges. The top did well in the challenge, it got second place.

A top is kind of like a blank sheet of paper waiting for a drawing. There are so many possibilities. The color is there but there are no lines to define the color and space. Trying to decide what to quilt can be daunting. I decided to go with closely spaced lines. Keep in mind that the strips in the photo are only two inches wide so those lines are pretty close together. I like the random look of unevenly spaced lines as I think it adds more interest. I wanted to create some energy in the orange so I went with my allover swirl with long flowing spikes coming form them like little suns. I really enjoyed the process of quilting this little piece. The finished quilt is about 24x48 and meant as wall art. I put on the binding yesterday and now just need to hand stitich that in place, add a hanging sleeve and a label. Hopefully I will have that done quickly as would love to hang this up where I can enjoy it.

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Suze said... it!! congrats on getting it almost done. It will be fun to have it hanging where you can see it.