Sunday, June 29, 2014

Upcycled Denim Necklace

This was once my favorite pair for jeans
I have been working on quilting projects for a few months non stop and decided I needed a bit of a break. I love upcycled funky clothes and accessories. Yesterday I walked by the box of donation things for the thrift store and the jeans caught my eye. They are too big because I finally found a great new way to eat. Now there is nothing else wrong with them. I have seen a lot of upcycled denim projects lately on Pinterest lately and decided to pull them out of the box and they went back upstairs to the sewing room. Today I pulled out my old favorite pair that was faded just right, had all the right fraying going on..........just too big. OK well if I can't wear them as jeans how about a bag. I cut off the bottom of the legs for a tote bag which will will post about when it is done. I had my mind on what to wear for the 4th of July and thought about some of the inspirations I had seen surfing the net lately. OK I decided to come up with my own twist. I cut circles of different sizes, some of the darker parts and some of the lighter parts. Did a bit of sewing thru the centers, added a second smaller layer and some old buttons from the button bin. Then I frayed the edges of the pieces a bit.........hey I love my jeans with a frayed and lived in look! I sewed the bigger three onto a backing and then just sewed the smaller two onto the ribbon and called it done. I think this will be a fun Summer casual look with a grey t-shirt and my new favorite jeans..............and maybe my denim tote when I finish that.

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