Sunday, June 29, 2014

Two Improv Quilts Finished

Over The Limit II
 I managed Three finishes for June. The first one was the Scrappy Trip Around the World I posted already. The Over The Limit series is something I have tried in two colorways so far. I actually decided to quilt the second one in the series first because I liked the bright vibrant colorway of the orange and blue. The quilting looks very simple and straightforward but it took forever. There were many stops and starts and Five thread color changes. Since I bury all my thread tails that made for lots of knotting and pulling those thread tails under the layers.
Over The Limit II (closeup)
 The next quilt is called Energy. It was the first thing that I stared in the past four years. I made it for a challenge for the Arizona Quilt Retreat in Phoenix. The rules were very simple. The shapes had to be 2" by 2" or 4" or 6" or 8".  I had been looking at lots of improv quilts on Pinterest and found a few inspiration pieces. I loved the bright orange and deep blue colorway. I began by cutting the blue pieces. I pulled out fabrics and just cut the sizes above. Then I cut a series of orange and began laying things out till I liked the way it looked.

                     Energy (closeup)

The quilting on Energy was really fun. I quilted lines across the blue. They are not spaced evenly........consistantly inconsistant. Some are only 1/8" apart. Then I did a swirling spike like little suns in the orange. I really love how this one came out.


Suze said...

Love the quilting on the Improv's just right...and Energy is really outstanding..Deciding 'how to quilt' is always the hardest part for me..

Sewing Up A Storm said...

Thanks Suze. The quilting really does add that extra dimensional element.