Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Finding Your Creative Voice

Sometimes you have to be silent for some time to find your artistic voice. I have always loved creating things. With life events I had to step back from my creativity for a few years. It is the coming back that is exciting. When you have not done much in the way of creativity in some time you can begin again, but with a new prospective. This year I began my new series of Improv quilts. These are not about traditional, they are about color, shape and feeling. I really like how this one is starting to come together. I am very excited about what is beginning to happen with this new kind of work. It is no longer about thinking outside of the box. I forgot where I left the box and what the box was about. Instead I am thinking of spontaneous creation of color, shape and ideas. I really love this series of Over The Limit. It is really a variation of a very old traditional design called Drunkard's Path. Over The Limit is a more modern phrase for drunkenness.

The piece above is on the Longarm and is in progress. Only the top row has any quilting on it. I have continued to work on this and now all the blocks have quilting. I am slowly adding more quilting and more color with the threads. I not only enjoyed the piecing of this, but am now enjoying the spontaneity of the quilting process as well. This kind of quilting is new to me and I am really just making it up as I go. The color is really there, now it is about feeling and movement. I love the direction this is moving.

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