Friday, September 5, 2014

Purple and Green Batik Sampler

I thought I was never going to finish the beauty. It is (as my friend Shelley likes to say) "a whole lot of real estate." I was not sure what to do with that wide triple border but find some inspiration online. I found a great video made by a longarm quilter who had a wonderful demo. I knew I just needed to try it. I did not do the same thing that was in the video,  but I did break up the border into triangles quilted in different ways. I do love how it came out.  It did take A LOT of time just for the border and I enjoyed doing it. I always love to learn how to do new things.

Being a Sampler each block is pieced differently so each block is quilted differently as well. I can now package it up and send it back to my friend in Arizona. Thank you Ellen for letting me quilt for you.

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Suze said...

You are immensely talented with your long arm...this is one gorgeous piece of work. So glad you resumed quilting!