Monday, September 22, 2014

Florida Trip

I just got home from Florida yesterday afternoon. Going there reminds me how much I dislike the humidity, population density, traffic, heat and flatness. There is some beauty there and being there as a tourist is not too bad, just would not want to be there too long. I did get to visit with my mother and brother who have lived there since 1964........that is a long time to be there.

The first night we drove down to Sanibel Island so that I could do some shell hunting on the beach. The word they have some of the best shells anywhere. I guess it is good that it was not too sunny or I would have looked like a cooked lobster. There were dark clouds to the North as my brother and I strolled the beach looking for shells. I did find some good ones. The the thunder started rumbling so we jogged most of the way back. The dark clouds do make for wonderful photography so it was all good.
Sanibel Island
 After the beach we headed out to the lighthouse on the South of the Island. It was raining but we did get out and see a little of it.
Sanibel Island

 One of the days we went North from Tampa to a place Called Richards Beach which is along a river close to the Gulf of Mexico, we did a little swimming. After that we drove to another beach on the coast and I snapped this photo on the way back. The coastal swamps are very scenic.

I am one of those people that always wants a window seat when I fly and I spend much of the flight looking out of the window watching the landscape below change. There is such a variety of things to see flying from Subtropical Florida to Desert New Mexico. I have no idea where this photo is. My best guess Louisiana or East Texas but I love the fields and shapes below and it might make a good jumping off point for an art quilt.

I did buy some half yard cuts of some blue fabrics to add to my stash. I have been using lots of deep blues lately and need more variety. These were really pretty so they followed me home. Just need to pop them in the washer and dryer so I can add them to the stash.

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