Saturday, March 22, 2014

Working On More UFOs

If you have been quilting for very long then I am sure that you have a few unfinished objects or UFOs. I have been quilting since about 1984 so I have a few UFOs. Well to be honest I have no idea how many I do have, but I know it is quite a few. I am pushing myself to work on some of these and even if not get them finished just get them to become finished tops. The Fossil Fern Stars quilt is now a finished top without a border. I am still thinking about a border plan for that but while I do I am itching to get going on more projects.

I dug a few bins out of the shed and found some blocks from swaps I had done over the past few years. The one on the front burner is from a log cabin and a bear paw block swap. The blocks are 6" square and are scrappy. I have enough for a nice size quilt for over the sofa or to fit over a double bed. I laid them out on my queen bed and if I add another row of blocks to the top and bottom plus a border it should be just about right. I do need to resew some of the blocks from the log cabin swap as they do not read dark and light. I need 12 log cabin blocks and have 10 that are problem children as they have logs that are dark on some of the light side or vice versa and being the control freak I am that bothers me so I will pick out the offending logs and sew them back together. I have the 4 bear paw blocks needed so those are good. Here are the blocks laid out so far without the two extra rows.

I may change things up a little but for the most part this is what the quilt will look like when pieced.

I also pulled out some 9" blocks from a Dear Jane block swap. For this one I am going to set the blocks on point with a solid color block in alternating squares. Then the setting triangles will be a different solid. Then a border that I have not figured out yet. Again there are some problem children with the blocks that I have so I will correct the problems and make a few more blocks as I need 30 blocks total for my setting. It will fit my Queen bed.
This is not the best photo. I had not planned on positing it when I took it. I just wanted to remember the way I laid things out. This does give an idea of what the layout will look like though. There will be 6 blocks down and 5 across. I need to figure out yardage of the fabrics I will need so I cannot work on this till I go shopping.

Then I pulled out some blocks that were gifted to me by a friend. I am not sure where she found them but I really love vintage quilts. That is really what brought me to quilting when I first began. I have 24 of these blocks and the fabrics are most likely form the 1950's. I am going to set them on point as well with solid blocks alternating. There are again some blocks that were not sewn together very well so I will have to pick some apart and fix them. With this quilt this is a necessity as it will not work without fixing some of these. They are completely machine pieced so once I draft a pattern it should not be so hard. One of the blocks has a black dot in the center so I will add that to each block. I only have 24 blocks and need 25 so I have to find fabric in my stash and make one additional block. I do have just the right yellow solid that actually matches. This will be a labor of love but I am pretty excited about this particular project.

I actually do not know the name of this block so would like to know what it is. Remember there is a dot in the center.


Suze said...

It's a Daisy Pinwheel block...

Feathers in my Nest said...

The Bear Claw quilt will be Stunningly Beautiful...Love that layout......Dear Jane is awesome too....I just bought the book, good reading...Debra in Ma.