Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The Design Floor

I really need to get a design wall. Well actually in this case it would not have done the job as this is going to be a really big quilt and it would not have fit anyway.

This is the project I recently pulled out of storage to work on at the retreat I attended last month in Phoenix. I did a couple of block swaps on Quilting some years back. We swapped stars in Kona Black and Fossil Fern that had to have more than 12 pieces in complexity. They were really beautiful on their own but recently when I dug them out I decided to do sashing and corner stones to add a bit more. I am glad that I did. I finished the last of the sashing and cornerstones this past weekend. Today I moved the furniture out of the way in the living room and put down a sheet and laid out all the parts. The good thing is that I can look down on them from the balcony above and get a birds eye view. My daughter also gave some input. So here they are all laid out:

Once I got my photo I rolled up the sheet on the diagonal and took it to the sewing room. Now I can slowly unroll it and sew the rows one at a time. Once that is done I will add the large triangles to the outsides and decide on the final border treatment. Hopefully now that I am going on this project again I will have this top sewn together pretty quickly. I think it will make an awesome quilt for my bed.

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