Sunday, March 2, 2014

A Blue Rose

I have a coworker that has been out for six weeks. I really miss her as she makes the most wonderful fabric flowers and always wears one in her hair. She seems to have an endless variety of them in all styles and she does not have a blue rose, so I made one for her out of an upcycled thrift store t-shirt. I hope she likes it. I think I have to make one for myself as well as I still have plenty of the shirt left over. I have already made a scarf out of it and the roses is just from a sleeve and a little from the neckline that was left over.

We finally got some moisture. It really poured last night at the house, but it dumped 14 inches of new snow up at Santa Fe Ski Area so we had a day of skiing today!!!!! What fun!!!! I am learning how to take selfies, me on the chair. A day on the slopes is about the most fun..........the quilts can wait!!

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Suze said...

Dang...I KNEW there was something I forgot at were going to show me how to make the t-shirt flowers...That blue rose is very nice..I know your friend will love it..