Saturday, March 8, 2014

Scarf From Upcycled Polo Shirt

The other day DH tossed a very well worn polo shirt. It had a few stains and some holes to boot. The fabric was a cotton knit and it was just the right drape and fade to keep for an upcycle project. I decided to make a scarf and a flower from this reject.
There was plenty of fabric in the two sleeves to make three different size flowers. The largest ring is 3" and the smallest one is 2". The drape of this made for a less stiff flower than the last one I made out of a much newer t-shirt upcycle so I had to do a lot more stitching inside the flower to help it hold its shape.

I used a 9" ring to cut 10 circles out of the body of the shirt. Then I cut a spiral about 2" thick out of pairs of these circles. I put 5 strips on each side and tacked them with thread. Then I cut a strip of fabric and wound it around the joined area and tacked it in place. I tied the scarf in a loose knot and added the large flower with a safety pin. It all took less than an hour to make. I think I will wear it tonight to go listen the band down at the pub.

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Suze said...

Oh my, your scarf turned out very nice!