Wednesday, May 31, 2017

First Top From Scrap Bin Challenge Finished

I finished my first top from the scrap bin today! When I started I just had a few ideas. I knew I wanted to make stars. Then I decided to use 4 patches in the alternate parts of the block. I then decided to sketch it all out. I really liked the drawing so I kept going with the idea. The star points are all brown. When I was trying to find enough brown is when I decided to sort thru the entire bin and separate by color. What a huge difference that made. I will continue to keep scraps by color from now on as it saves so much time and energy when you do not have to keep going thru the pile over and over looking for those little pieces of a particular color.

So this is the bin that this lovely top was made from. Yes it is possible to make beautiful things from random scraps. In this case I used muslin as a background. I did buy muslin yardage for the alternate squares and the border but did so after finding and using muslin for the star pieces. I then decided on a plain background which will be a place to do any kind of fancy quilting I want to.
This morning when I pulled out the top without the borders I was second guessing myself and was thinking this is not going to be a pretty quilt after all. Then I attached the first plain border and the checkerboard border and like it much better. I was wondering if I should add the second plain border and am glad that I did. When I hung this up between two trees next to my RV and stood back I knew that I had made the right choices!
This is what we do on weekends.................we took the motorcycle out on Saturday and saw Paulina Lakes in Newberry Crater. What a great ride. We went from the hot desert to the snow.

This is Fort Rock. It is a giant ring made of lava that once stood 500 feet tall but is only about 300 feet today. It is a out of the way sight to go see and was well worth the trip.


Linda P. said...

Beautiful Ami - I really like how this turned out. I agree; good choice on the border.

Suze said...

I love it! Amazing...and made from the scrap bin...can't wait to see the beautiful quilting you will do once you are back to your long arm..