Wednesday, June 14, 2017

On The Forest Floor

I finally finished another task for my online crazy quilt class with Kathy Shaw. This is a more complex motif. Since I love nature I decided to just draw my own design instead of choosing an online clip art design. Just think of this little guy hiding out under the mushrooms on the forest floor.

About a week ago we went to the Ice Cave East of La Pine Oregon. There are two entrances. The ice was melted and the floor of the cave was pooled with water and cold so we did not go in.
I really love this shot looking out of the cave entrance. That is about as far into the cave as I went. These are lava caves made as rivers of lava continued to flow after the surrounding lava flow had hardened around them. Central Oregon is all about volcanoes and there is some very cool stuff to see because of all this volcanic activity.

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