Wednesday, May 24, 2017


I have been busy with my scrap bin challenge. Sorting fabrics by colors sure has made a huge difference. Above you can see what I am working on as my second quilt from my 18 gallon bin. But lets back up. How did I get there:

I sorted all the fabric by color and put each color in separate bags. Above is all the blue fabric.

So the bag got upended and the sorting will begin.
First I did a sort. Some things are sorted by shape, some by type of fabric like applique or solids.

The piles look so much neater after pressing.

Then the fun began with cutting. Above is a sample of the blue fabric after cutting. I have two sizes of squares. Two sizes of large triangles with the Tri-Recs tool, and just one size for the long skinny Tri-Recs tool.

So finally after cutting Tri-Recs out of the green, blue and purple fabrics I have a really nice assortment for a quilt with the cool colors. I cut these with a loose plan. This project was planned with two things, shape and color.

So now the fun begins with the little triangles. These will add some sparkle with little pops of color to the quilt. It was really fun to play with combinations of these. I pulled all the ones that have three of the same fabric and then chose a contrasting triangle to go the center. I played with them till I was happy with them. The was quite some rearranging. After that I paired the skinny triangles . With those I chose similar colors to make a pair.

Then I had fun arranging the triangles. They looked really I took a photo. Looking at a photo really helps you see how something looks. Humm..................ok about I make larger diamonds out of similar colors.
Winner!!!! This is not the final arrangement. I still  need to play with this quite a bit, but at least I have a definite plan.


Linda P. said...

I love how this is turning out Ami. Seeing your scraps before you started working with them looked daunting. I didn't think that something so beautiful would come out of them. I will be looking at my scraps in a new way.

Judy in Ohio said...

It is as if you are working a million-piece jigsaw puzzle without the box lid artwork to guide you. What fun!