Thursday, June 2, 2016

Sandy's Bargello

We had lots of fun at the Valley Of The Sun Retreat last February. Many of us took a class by Ellen to make a bargello quilt. There was so much variety of colors that they were all unique. This is on that Sandy G. made for her grandson. She wanted quilting for a guy so that took care of the feather plan that I had. The design has a curve which was also a challenge with the design I executed. In the end I really had fun watching this come to be from the sketch I sent her for approval.

I just broke up the design into parts with parallel lines and alternated two quilting designs in those areas.

IN the border I made some diamonds and used the same two designs in them. The was pretty fun to quilt and was out of the box so I got to try something new.


Shelley: the Dread Pirate Rodgers said...

*Great* job of thinking of an appropriate quilting design for the recipient and the space!

Sandy did a terrific job of piecing the bargello together!

Sandy Gray said...

Oh I love it Ami! You made my piecing job look SO GOOD!

Suze said...

gorgeousness from both of you! Love the designs you picked out, Ami..I am hoping my bargello turns out half as well!