Monday, June 13, 2016

How Far Would You Go?

 I had a great idea to make a little wall quilt for my office and had a photo on Pinterest I really loved. I got a good start in the first photo.This is the way the blocks were laid out in the inspiration photo.

I just began sewing and somewhere along the way the blocks got laid out differently. Yes they are nice and look good but after posting my photo yesterday I went back to the inspiration photo and............oh no!!!!! The blocks are not the same and although they are nice it is not what I intended. I did not really want to make two quilts so I got out the seam ripper "Jack" and spent the evening taking off the 6 blocks on each side. This morning before work I began resewing and finished up this evening. I finally got it finished and below is the look I wanted. Lesson learned............always keep the inspiration photo close to make sure it is correct.

So what is your limit of what you would fix?

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Linda P. said...

The first one you did was pretty Ami, but this one is spectacular! So worth all the time you spent ripping!