Tuesday, June 7, 2016

I Like It Much Better Now

Remember this from last post. It is my new project. I cut the squares at 9 inches but when I designed the quilt motif (yes I actually think about the quilt design from the get go on many projects) I need it to be divisible by 1/4" so the blocks got a trim after they were sewn into half square triangles. I cut them to 8 inches and subcut them and voila!!!!!

Here are the same 24 blocks subcut and resewn and put back on the design wall. It makes sense that it shrunk more lengthwise than crosswise because of all those seams. I an really liking this and it went together really fast. I am gonna guess 4 hours tops to get it to this stage. Now I need to sew into a top. I bet the quilting will take longer than the piecing..........remember I mentioned I already have a quilting motif designed just for this.

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