Monday, June 6, 2016

Juggling Projects

I made really good progress on the applique of my nesting robin and now it is stalled again. I need to prep the little circles. Hopefully I will get them done soon so I can move onto the next border.

The sheep quilt is ready to quilt. The backing and batting are already on the longarm. I just need to get the top tacked on and start the quilting. Once I get going it should go fairly quickly.

And..............last, I really need to start a new project.........NOT!!! But I have been looking at the quilt above my desk at work for some time and although I love it I need a change. I have seen this on pinterest pinned a lot. So here is the first work in progress photo of this new work in progress. I cut the squares yesterday and marked the lines down the center on the diagonal and sewed them on both sides of the lines, cut apart and pressed. I had to just lay it out for color placement to see how I like it. Not bad. Now the next step will be some more cutting these apart and sewing back together...........stay tuned for the transformation.

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