Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Nesting Robin July 2015 thru December 2015

What do the blocks in the photo have in common?

Well it is not really a trick question because they are all made of fabric and that is about it. As quilt blocks they really do not have much in common. Some are from swaps and are left over blocks. Some were made by me out of "junk" fabrics to try out blocks before I cut into my "good" fabric. There is one vintage block in the lower right. The big yellow star in the center was made because I was sending off three blocks for comfort quilts and I made one to keep as a reminder of my dear friend who had passed away. The one in the upper right was all hand pieced and has a few faded spots.

Ok so what is the point here. This is a group of Orphan blocks. They are not part of a bigger group of blocks for a quilt...................but each could become part of a new project. I am inviting you to participate in a Nesting Robin with me.

So what is a Nesting Robin? Well it is not a round robin where you send away a block to someone and they add something and send it to the next person who adds something and so forth till you get it back. Nope this is a Nesting Robin in that you will be doing all the work on yourself as the block stays in the Nest.........or with you. This means that you get to make all the decisions on what happens to it and you can follow the rules as you want to interrupt them.

This will be done with a series of "clues". Each month I will tell you what to add next. You will get to decide how to use that clue. If you just do not like my clue then do something you want that month. In the end you will have five borders, rows, or components to put together. Note that you do not need to do borders (or if you do borders they do not have to go all the way around.

If this sounds like fun there is a flicker page that was made for the last go round of this. Those that were working on the Nesting Robin posted a photo of the beginning block or components and then each addition. If you would like to add your photos to that page let me know and I will send you information on it. Please send me e-mail thru my blog with Nesting Robin July 2015 in the subject line and I will tell you how to proceed with the flicker page.

I will post the first clue here: Choose a block, a row of blocks, a panel or whatever you will start with and add something that is with pieces that are longer than they are wide. In addition as an extra challenge use at least one color that is not in your block.

The next clue will be published the second week of August.

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Katherine said...

What a fun idea to put orphan blocks/test blocks to great use! May have to dig through the stash to see what blocks I've squirrelled away and could put into action. ;o)