Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Focus Is Now A Finished Top

 I got a very late start on my first go round of the Nesting Robin. I began with one block and could not find inspiration. One day I was just messing around with scraps and such and made the word Focus. I just kept going with it as my Nesting Robin. I have started the second go round and this was not finished. Yesterday I was determined to remedy that so I put the parts back up on the design wall and began piecing together the puzzle. This is how it finally ended up.  This was just a fun project not a work of art. It will hang in my sewing area as a reminder to keep on track with one piece and see it thru. Now I just need to quilt and bind this. There is not enough of the dark blue for binding so I will have to make a decision on that when I get to that step.

It is another beautiful day in New Mexico. We have been getting lots of rains in the evenings and it is about as green as I have ever seen it here.


Shelley: the Dread Pirate Rodgers said...

Ami, for the binding, make yourself a strip set of all the colors you've used in the top .. and more/other compatible colors if you don't have enough leftover. Then make your bias binding from the strip set. You'll get a *marvelous* diagonally striped binding that will coordinate perfectly with the top.

sophie said...

It may be just a "fun project", but I suspect that by the time you're done quilting it, it could also be a work of art. I'm just saying ... You might also consider using a stripe or plaid fabric that has navy in it for the binding. I made a string pieced binding earlier this year (for my string star quilt.) I like it, but I'm not sure it was worth the effort it took especially for a a fun project.