Sunday, July 12, 2015

Nesting Robin July 2015-Dec 2015 Clue #1

I left my blocks up on the design wall and went and looked at them a few times. I had some ideas for some of them but those will be for another project for another day. You can see in the photo below the second row down the second from the left is the lucky block chosen for my Nesting Robin. I made this as a test block for a Dear Jane swap I did about a decade ago. We used Civil War reproduction fabrics and made a group of 9" blocks. I do not remember the name of the block or the fabric I used for the swap but this is my test block. I used fabrics that were in my stash that made be happy. The block came out nicely and went together quickly the test block had served its purpose so ended up being put aside................until now.

I chose this block because I love the bright vibrant colors. I also like the sense of movement the block had by appearing to be on point when it was not.  I decided to proceed with clue one and washed two new one yard cuts of  rust colored fabrics. While those were in the wash I was cleaning up some things in the sewing room and I came across the strips below that I had made at the retreat I attended two years ago. They were sashing for another quilt and I made too many. They too have been hanging around with no real purpose. On a whim I placed them around my block and played with the right colors.

Humm..................not at all what I had envisioned but a win because they were already made and they look pretty nice. The colors do not match perfectly with what is there but as the quilt grows it will all balance out. Now the fledgling quilt has been started and awaits the next clue!

I hope those of you that are participating are enjoying figuring out your beginning and coming up with a plan to work on the first clue. Don't forget to share your progress.

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