Sunday, December 21, 2014

UFOs To Finish In 2015

If you are like me you likely have UFO's. I did make lots of progress in 2014. I was on a mission to finish up some UFO blocks. I did finish some tops but did not finish them. They will be on the bucket list to finish in 2015 in no particular order.

Top Left: blue and green quilt that I decided I had to drop everything and make. I really love the colors so need to get this quilted so I can display it nextSpring.

Top Middle: a hand pieced compass that was done several years back. It was designed by Becky and some of us handpiecers on quilting forum made one. I have pulled it out and it is the center of my nesting robin. I do plan to get going on this challenge in earnest after the first of the year.

Top Right: Bears in the cabin was a pile of blocks from some block swaps. I found the pile of blocks last Spring and sewed them into the top and added a double border. It just needs quilting.

Middle Left: Dear Jane swap by Lou on again I pulled out the blocks last Spring and made these into a finsihed top. It just needs quilting. I also made some mug rugs out of some of the blocks and still have enough for another top.........not sure when I will do something with them.

Middle Center: Strings in the Cabin another swap on by Lou. I love this one and I need to figure out a border and quilt this one, hopefully by July and display it.

Middle Right: Swap by Pat of Stars in Fossil Fern and Kona Black on I started putting the blocks together at The Arizona Retreat last Feburary and finished it last summer. Now I just need to quilt it. This will look fantastic on my bed.

Bottom Left: my Christmas table runner. I did not decorate this year anyway so not a big deal that I did not finish it. I found the 4 blocks last Summer and set them in a row and added a border, just needs quilting. Next Christmas for sure!!!

Bottom Center: a group of block exchanged at the Arizona Retreat years ago. I just set them together...........I think I will pick them apart and add sashing and then put them in a lap quilt top for the trailer.

Bottom Right: This one is finished and only needs a hanging sleeve. I will do the reveal after the first of the year.

This is the beginning of my bucket list for 2015. My goal will be one or more finishes each month. I do have a nice stack of tops that were finished several years ago still just waiting for quilting...........I am hoping that 2015 will be the year of "quilting" for me as I can just do quilting and not run out of tops any time soon.

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sophie said...

What a great collection of finishes you'll have next year :-)