Sunday, January 4, 2015

Happy New Year

 I have been traveling for the past two weeks. I even took my little featherweight sewing machine but did not manage to have the time to do any sewing.  I did manage to crochet a hat for my daughters violin teacher. I will post a photo of that in another post.

Our first stop was Tombstone Arizona, a town with quite the history. We were there Christmas day and there were not many people. They did have a few things going on like stagecoach rides and mine tours.
 Here is a photo of me as I was all donned with my hard hat to explore the Good Enough Silver Mine which sits right underneath the town. It was a fun tour. The next photo was taken inside the mine of the colors of some of the rocks, and no that is not turquoise. I do love the colors and see a quilt based on that photo.

Next was Romona California to visit relatives for the holidays. While we were there we went to the San Diego Wildlife Park. These two ducks are not exotic but I really thought they make a nice composition. And below are some African animals we saw on the tram ride.

My favorite places we visited was Organ Pipe National Monument in Southern Arizona. We only spent the night there. They have a wonderful campground and the scenery is some of the very best Snoran Desert habitat I have seen. The sunset was just awesome and the weather was pretty nice.


 After Organ Pipe we headed east to Kartchner Caverns. There are no photos allowed in the caverns but it was really pretty. We took a hike around the park the next day.

 Comming home the snowstorm that had been chasing us all the way from California finally caught up with us. We spent our last night on the road at Caballo Lake State Park in New Mexico. It is a really pretty place and I would love to go back when it is not so cold.

The trip was great and we really enjoyed our toy hauler that we got each other for Christmas. It is a used rig but the price was awesome and it is in great shape.

When we arrived home there was lots of snow. We turned the heat back up in the house and discovered a broken pipe that began to leak. I guess Mr Enchanting will be getting a new office remodel in 2015 as the carpet and wallboard took quite the hit from all the water that started leaking when the pipe in the wall thawed out. Not a good thing to come home to but I will take it in stride and look at it as a kick in the behind to start working on painting and working on the house with the study being first on the list.

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Jim and Gayle said...

Looks like you had a great trip in spite of the weather! We really liked Organ Pipe Cactus NM, too. We like Elephant Butte Lake SP better than Caballo. More places to walk and bike.