Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Still No Water

Life without running water is now in its second week. Amazing about the stories I have heard from friends. Some are horrified and there are some that actually grew up with no indoor plumbing. Everyone has a water story though. I am so hoping that someday this will be my water story. I think the worst is not being able to clean things like I would like. Dishes is really the worst. I actually can not cook as I would like to because so many things require the use of water in the cooking and of course the clean up afterwards which sometimes requires a bit of water to clean the pots and pans. No I have to keep it all simple.

Bathing is actually not the worst. At its worst a sponge bath requires very little water and even a shower can be taken with between 2-3 gallons of water if you turn off the water after you get yourself wet, shampoo your hair. Then rinse and turn off to condition your hair and then one last rinse. In and out of that shower fast as you can. Humm I am one that loves to linger under the warm water so I am saving lots of time with the ultra short showers.

The rest of life is still pretty normal. I am darned busy trying to get the t-shirts tamed into the quilt I am making. I got them all laid out finally. Since the designs come in a huge variety of sizes they are kinda like a puzzle that needs to be set in a certain space. They are currently residing on the family room floor and yesterday I began the process of removing a few at a time to apply sashing. I now have the first group together and today will try to tackle as much as I can. My goal is to have the top completed in the next day or two. The quilting is gonna be a piece of cake as it is an allover loose meander. The biggest thing with that is the large surface that I need to fill.

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SandyQuilts said...

Ami I'm praying for an early spring for you guys. I only had to go 6 days without water ... I can't imagine all winter. Hang in there.