Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Back To My Routine!

The custom heirloom is finally finished, off the machine, photographed and back to its home. I still have not tallied up the hours I worked on this but it is for a good friend and I am glad I did it as I really got to try new things, stretched myself as far as I could and I am really happy with the final results. Now back to other things.................whew!
I have been busy the past week. I have a custom quilt on the frame now that will be my first finished quilt of the new year. The one in the photos was mostly done in 2007 so I am not counting it in this years tally. Guess that means I am now behind on the number of quilts I wanted to quilt but not so far that I can not catch up fairly easily. I am almost done and hopefully the next few will be quick ones as they are allover designs not custom...............see what I mean about catching up.
I spent the entire morning cutting up t-shirts for a customer quilt. I was given 83 of the t-shirts and now have a huge pile of t-shirts in pieces and parts and a nice neat stack of 83 cut pieces of neat designs to incorporate into the quilt. This one will be a real adventure for sure but I am up to the task. The next step in this process is to try to figure out the they are not all the same size so this will be a real challenge but I know I can get it done. Then once that is done I am sure the rest will be a piece of cake................or so I hope.
With this new year and reflecting on what I really want to accomplish I am so hoping to be more creative and begin to get some of my stuff finished and into shows. I seem to have a problem with stalling on each project and have a million finished tops. Well not a million but in the near future (say a month is near enough) I want to get them photographed and chronicled so I can watch my progress. I think one finished every two months works for me. That is a doable goal.
I have been brainstorming on some new ideas and think where I need to begin is with a drawing journal of my ideas and then go from there. It seems like at this point in my quilting career what I need is a quilting journal that has all the drawings, colors, and fabric samples in one place so I can work on the ideas till they are just ripe for beginning my quilts. The biggest factor here is time and I might just have to schedule regular time for this series exclusive to other things.


Vicki W said...

The quilt is really beautiful!

Deb said...

The quilt looks wonderful! I'm sure it's owner is thrilled.

Ruthie said...

Your quilting is just wonderful!

Randi said...

Beautiful quilting!