Wednesday, January 2, 2008


The new year is finally here and I am ready to go! I do have a list of goals for the comming year. I do not call them resolutions as those are too hard to stick to so I just call them goals.

Mostly my goals are centered around orginization. My personal sewing studio had gotten to be a huge mess. One of the biggest problems was lack of space. Over the holiday I took out a huge oak computer table that was hogging tons of space. It had no storage space either and my computer had broken over a year ago and I have been using my husbands computer so goodbye table. It has a new home in my daughers room and she is delighted. I put up some more wire shelves and am still in the process of cleaning.............just need to keep at that a little at a time and get that space back into shape.

Another goal is to work on UFOs. I am going to pull them all out, photograph them and try to get at least 6 of them finished this year. My first project to finish will be my current project of the log cabin quilt and I hope to have it finished by the end of feburary.

I want to try to do a greater number of customer quilts this year and am gonna up the hours I work on them as well. I am going to try to work from 20-30 hours on customer quilts each week.............mabye more if I get busier.

To start off the year I have been working on the forever custom heirloom quilt and finally got the borders finished today. Now I need to go back and do a little more detail in some of the blocks. I also need to remover some stitch in the ditch I had done as the first step in quilting this. I had some tension problems with the Bottom Line thread and just want to fix that. Once that is done I can call this one finished. I am going to try to get it done tomorrow if I can.................just one final push and it will be off my frame for the last time!

I have an idea for an art quilt that I NEED to start on. I think I am gowning to work in a series on this idea. I will likely begin this first quilt in the series soon.

My last goal is to begin painting again. I have some new paints, and easel and some canvas so I just need to find the right subject and time and get started. The thing about painting is it is so quick compared to quilting. I am hoping to be able to work out some landscape ideas in paint and maybe do some quilts on the same themes.

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