Thursday, January 24, 2008

No Water - Day Four

Ok it is finally getting really old now can someone please turn the water back on? Nope I guess that is not gonna happen. We now have a 55 gallon water barrel in the garage with a pump to hook into the plumbing (not my idea). This morning with the barrel only about 1/3 full hubby and two kids got quick showers and that is the rest of the water!

Last night when I was trying to cancel my appearance at the group quilt project because I needed to figure out what to do my friend insisted I take a shower at her house. Today that is just what I did. Boy does a hot shower feel good when you cannot take one whenever you want. I also filled up two 7 gallon containers at her house while there and that is all the water we got today. I do have about 8 of the gallon drinking jugs left so we have plenty to drink but not much water for anything else.

On a lighter side I am making progress with the 80 something t-shirts and now have well over half pressed to interfacing. I am still trying to figure out how to even begin with the math to lay them all into a of course they are not all the same size, with over 80 the quilt would make a nice cover for a football field if they were all the same size.

I do hope to have the t-shirt quilt finished by the end of next week Then the next one will be another custom.

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