Wednesday, January 10, 2007

My First Quilt For 2007 Finished!

Well it is finished! This was a hard project. I had to begin with a fabric so ugly it sent me screaming from the room. In the end I finally rethought my first idea and decided I would try to do this challenge after all. This gave me less than a month to make this quilt.
The first step was the hardest and that was just deciding to actually do this challenge. I had decided on the round shapes I ended up manking. These are made in a rather spontaneous manner and I made them as I went. The was no preplanning. I first cut up the challenge fabric into its various colors leaveing me with piles of just color in the various little designs on the fabric. Then I concentrated on making the round shapes useing chalenge fabric in each of them with the exception of the very large shape that is a semi circle. This one was actually my trial and I liked it so kept it for the compostion. I kept working with parts until I felt there were enough. I then rethought my background color. The origional blue became the binding.
We needed to try a new techinque for this challenge and I did several. I made the round shapes which I had never tried. I also incoorporated non quitng cottons in many of the shapes. The shapes were also satin stitched to the background as they were raw edge.
In the end I was quite happy with the composition. I am most pleased with the allover quilting design I used for the just sort of happended and I am calling it swirls and spikes!


Ramona-quilter said...

I love this quilt. You really had some fun with this one. I like the fill you used and the wheel treatments - so much going on there. I think my fav is the pebbles in the hub of one and the wavy lines in another. Super job.
It's a good thing it's yours. I counted at leave 5 or 6 thread changes. Is that King Tut? Yummy, whatever it is.

Teri said...

I really like it!! I think you also did a great job with the quilting. I'm so glad that you have a blog! Something more to read, and easier to keep up with what you are working on.