Thursday, January 4, 2007

Enchanting Journey

As the new year begins I began to think that it would be good to record my thoughts, creative processes and activities. I had resisted setting up a blog because of the time required but have decided to give it a try as a beginning to the incoming year.

I hope to keep a record of my quilting and ideas. Hopefully this format will enable me to analyze my thoughts and help in the creative process as well as allow my friends to view my work and give me feedback.

My current project is a challenge quilt and it is a true challenge. The biggest challenge is the short time remaining to complete this project. At this point I do not want to reveal to much about this piece because being a challenge I feel it is secretive and I want to wait till the piece is finished to explain the processes in its creation.


Suze said...

Whoohooo...welcome to the blogosphere!

Can you believe I FORGOT to even take a picture of my challenge piece before I mailed it!!! Oh least it arrived ok.

See you soon!

Debra Spincic said...

Hi! Nice to see you in blogland! It looks like you have gotten the hang of your longarm machine! Stop by my blog anytime.