Friday, January 5, 2007

The Advantages of Being a Packrat

I have to say that I do have a tendency to collect all sorts of odds and ends in the hopes that someday they will find a place in my work. Last night as I was working on my challenge quilt, which is almost a finished top, I was using my embroidery threads to satin stitch all the raw edges of the pieces to the background fabric. It occurred to me that I do have quite the collection of threads. Where ever did all of these threads come from? I am sure when I purchased them each of them was selected for some reason. Were I to go to the store with my top and select these threads today I would likely not find them, or pay a fortune to acquire them. In the end I would likely only buy a limited selection of colors and my quilt would not have the same sparkle that it does.

In working on this current mystery project I also decided it was time to really start doing something with those two big plastic bins of scraps set aside for "crazy quilt" projects. I did use some for my last quilt and it sure added some extra shine. Those satins and other unknown fabric content fabrics are a challenge to work with but they really have a welcome place in my work. I am actually thinking of using them in some of my more scrappy projects as well.

Until I figure out how to attach the actual photo here is a link to my last quilt in which I used my stash of assorted crazy fabrics:

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