Friday, July 7, 2017

Ewe Revealed

At long last Ewe is ready to go off to my little grandniece. This has been a well traveled quilt. It went back and forth from New Mexico to Texas several times when I was working on the applique. Then it went to Oregon. I really love this quilt and might make a miniature version for myself.

I first saw this quilt when my friend Shelley posted one she made on her blog. I liked it so much I made my own version. Thanks Shelley! Of course Shelly only spent a fraction of the time I did to make hers.

Because this is for a small child I used a black sharpie for the applique eyes. I would have used buttons.

I like the detail on the flowers and leaves.

I was working on the quilt at a different retreat year and my friend Suze found some fabric with butterflies on a white background. She brought it over to me and suggested that I fussy cut and applique them on the quilt. I love the whimsy they add. Thanks Suze!

I had to take a closeup of the flowers when I did my photoshoot. The flowers in Central Oregon are all blooming now.

Instead of putting a seam in the background fabric I opted for a stripe to add interest. You can see some of the detail quilting of the flowers on that purple strip.

The label below has a story. At the retreat I attend every February my friend made a quilt out of adorable machine embroidered sheep. She noticed one did not have the blue fabric on the ear and was not going to put that one in her quilt. I told her I would love to have it. She even gave me a scrap of the blue fabric and I did needle turn applique so it is now complete. It was the perfect thing for a label for this quilt. Thanks Judy!

So how do you quilt the black hexie to make it look like a sheep. This was the hardest decision during the quilting.  I finally decided to try to make a realistic face. I  googled sheep photos and did a series of drawings. Then I drew the one I liked with a white removable clover pen on the quilt. I am quite pleased with the result.


Suze said...

Well done!! I love how it turned cute..Miss Sarah is going to love her sheepie quilt. Good choice on the face...

Linda P. said...

So cute Ami. Both the quilt and your quilting are wonderful. Taking the photo in the woods adds so much too.

Sewing Up A Storm said...

Thanks Suze. Those butterflies were pretty cool too. I am really happy with how it all came together.

Sewing Up A Storm said...

Thanks Linda. I started doing photoshoots of my quilts some time back and it is fun trying to figure out backgrounds.