Tuesday, January 13, 2015

On A Dark And Dreary Day

 What to do on a dark and dreary day? The new year is already almost two weeks old and I have been busy. Wish I could say I have been having nothing but fun and working on my 2015 Bucket List. Yep this year I have ditched the resolutions as well as the goals. This year it is a bucket list. In any case whatever you call it, it is a list of things and events that I want to do or participate in.

For quilting and sewing the bucket list is pretty simple:
Work on UFOs
Reduce stash
Work on altered couture (old clothes to new items......this should be fun)

So far I am off to a good running start. Yesterday I decided to try this little "Thread Catcher". I guess you can put anything in there that suits your fancy. I put buttons in mine. I found it on Pintrest and there is a link with a tutorial to this blog: HERE These go together really fast and there are a million color combinations that you could make them out of. What a fun little project to sew up on a dreary day.

Another project that I am just starting this year is another Scrappy Trip Around The World. The instructions for this quilt are on Bonnie Hunter's Quiltville site: HERE I love Bonnie's site and this is the second Scrappy Trip I am making. This one is in my favorite color combination; purple and green. It will go on the bed in the RV we bought last November and will be queen sized. This project will use 384 strips that measure 2 1/2 by 16 inches. I calculated that this project used up around TEN yards of fabric. How is that for a good start on my quilters bucket list to use stash? I have been cutting these strips for over a week and am so happy to have them all cut so that now I can just sew them together without having to stop to cut more.

Today's view off the balcony. You cannot even see the mountain today, and there has been snow on and off since yesterday morning. Just enough snow to cover the ground. It is the desert so the moisture is much needed.


MQuilter said...

Hi! Your color combination for you queen size quilt is very nice. I'm looking forward to seeing your completed quilt top. Your quilting on your other projects are beautiful and artistically well done. I'm eager to see how you will be quilting your queen size Trip Around the World.

Sewing Up A Storm said...

MQuilter I am not sure yet how I will quilt the Scrappy Trips but do hope to have it ready for quilting so I can use it when the weather warms up and we go camping again. I do love green and purple and have lots of it in my stash.

Anne said...

Love Scrappy Trip quilts. I have a couple of them in the works and have been thinking it would be a great way to use up some older stash. Can't believe you used 10yds. That's amazing. Cute little bag too.

Sewing Up A Storm said...

Thanks Anne. I had to calculate the yardage I cut twice because I did not believe it. I did generate lots of smaller scraps though so I will have to figure out how to use those in something as well, but that is half the fun.

The little bag was really fun to make. I think they would be good to put all kinds of things in. I am going to make a special one to keep jewelry in when I take it off, it is the perfect size for that.