Monday, August 25, 2014

Trip To Colorado

 No quilting here for a few days. I have been married to Mr Enchanting now for 20 years. When it was getting close to our anniversary I told him that I did not want anything for a gift, that I have enough stuff and there is really nothing that I need. Instead I asked that we go and do something fun and make some memories instead. Well he took that to heart.  He told me to pack for about 4 days and to bring some hiking clothes for day hiking. Ok good clues so I packed  casual attire, some hiking clothes, a day pack, and some warm clothes just in case. Well I got the packing just about right. The only thing missing was warm gloves for the top of Imogene Pass.

We started off heading North out of Albuquerque and went towards Cuba............humm that kinda means Durango and Southern Colorado................this is gonna be good. The first night we stayed in Durango at a very nice historic hotel. We saw the sights and listed to live music up on a deck. Very fun time. Next day we went to the train museum which was fun. Then we headed over to Silverton and stopped at the visitor center and got a map. We decided to take the Ophir Pass across and see Telluride. The pass was not bad and there was one spot where Mr Enchanting asked me to get out to check that he was doing ok, yep the car went into the right traction control and went up on three! Then a slow descent, the road was very narrow and very steep............much steeper than it looks in the first photo! Then lunch in Telluride and over to Ouray for a few days of fun which included staying at a great B&B a hike, some 4 wheeling up to Imogene Pass and a Beer Festival. Yes we made some awesome memories!
Going down Ophir Pass Colorado

Near Ridgeway Colorado
Ouray Colorado from the Perimiter Trail
Near Ouray Colorado
Mr Enchanting on top of Imogene Pass Colorado
Abandoned Mine Near Imogene Pass Colorado

Yankee Boy Basin Colorado
Near Imogene Pass Colorado

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