Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Block Layout Is A Success

 Since I have been working on so many UFOs this is my reward quilt that I started just recently. The blocks went together very fast and then I got stuck on the layout. I finally had it all decided in the traditional layout of Mountain Majesty until I saw this layout on a blog and changed my mind. The good thing about this layout is that I also already know how I will quilt at least the orange parts. Now to get busy and put these blocks together..............right now they are just laid out of the design floor and photographed from the second story looking least it is an option till I get a real design floor.

Here is the Pineapple Christmas Table Runner with the border sewn on. I made nice mitered corners. I have not made a miter on a border for some time but figured that this is going to be on a table top and I want it to look its very beat. I am going to quilt a large sampler for a customer  and then this will be next. I am pretty excited that this UFO will finally be done soon. I started this project at least 10 years ago.

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Suze said...

Your orange and blue looks very nice. you are really going gang-busters on getting that done..before you know it, it will be on the long arm!