Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year!

Welcome 2014! I just know that this year will bring lots of good things. I have been busy working on a few creative things and am ready to really get moving on some new ideas. Each new year I set some goals. I never do resolutions as those always seem to fail so goals are better. 

Here is my list:
First is the fitness and I will be starting an new blog for that.
I want to finish one UFO per month.
I will begin a new series of work and will work start to finish on those.
I want to enter at least one major show this year.
I need to organize my work area as it has been packed away for a couple of years.
Mostly I need to get a list of every thing I have started and catalog what is there.

Below is the final round robin project that has been nesting at my house. I actually finished this some time ago but have not posted the results. The prior post has a photo of how this looked when it arrived. I will be mailing this back to Kim this week and in a way it is a finished UFO for me as I have finished my part in it.
 The most fun part of working on this was the squirrels. I think they look like they are up to something and are very playful. I really hope that Kim likes what I have added to her work and will enjoy finishing it off.


Suze said...

I absolutely LOVE the squirrels!! They do look like they are up to something. Great job...I am sure Kim will love her piece.

Misha said...

Holy COW those squirrels are freaking amazing!!!!