Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Components for Improv II pieced

I have been busy piecing dark units for Improv II. They are going together much faster than the first few, as I now have the technique mastered. The hardest part is digging thru the scrap bin finding the little inset pieces in the blues, greens, and purples. This is where  improv really becomes a technique that has no real pattern. I am going to make more units in light neutrals and then I will look at all the parts again and come up with the next step. I am still mulling over what colors the insets for those will be. I do like the jagged top and bottom that these pieces make. I think it is much more interesting than it would be if they were all lined up. The background of the photo is similar to how the finished composition will look in color. I do think that I am going to make this piece longer than wide though, but that will take more study.

At this point I am moving away from my inspiration pieces and will not look at them again as I want the piece to take on its own design. I have no real idea of what the finished piece is going to look like. For quilts like this it is the journey that makes it fun, one step at a time.

I think what I enjoy most about this piece is the surprise of how the units look from the first selection of little pieces and then the finished strip. Since there is really no measuring or precision it is a very freeing way to work. It is also fun to select each new fabric to go with what is already there and see how each new unit changes the feel of the whole.

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